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Thank you for taking your valuable time to explore our website. I trust that you will find some helpful information about our fellowship. Feel free to take a look around. Every church family is a bit different, and Grace United is no exception. In the best sense of the word, we pride ourselves on being a family church, while not forgetting why we are here. Our mission statement is: "Upon the foundation of prayer, we exist to love God, learn the Bible, and care for people."

I invite you to worship the Lord with us. Our Sunday morning service time is 10:30. I will be honored to greet you whenever you walk through the doors. Of course, if you have questions or have any needs that you think we might be able to meet, by all means, contact us, either by phone or fill out an e-form by clicking on the icon below and we will be sure to get back with you as quickly as possible. 

Sincerely in Christ, 

Glenn Hawkins

Phone: 804-335-6728


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