Family Integration
Part of what makes Grace United a special place is Family Integration. What this simply means is we do everything together! We have discovered over the years that life works better when the young learn from the more seasoned among us, and when the older get encouraged over the enthusiasm and vitality the younger among us bring into the life of the congregation. And for us, the best way for that to happen is for all of us to be together as often as possible
The youth are a vital part of the Sunday morning worship service. They literally assist with the music, help those not so mobile among us get to their seats, operate the tech table, and at times tell their stories during our "open worship" time. At times they lead us in prayer, and during our annual "Youth Sunday" they proclaim the Scriptures to us (with a little help in their preparation from the adults!)
Family Integration extends to our other gatherings as well. On Sundays before the worship service, we have a time of "Bible Fellowship" (some call that Sunday School), where we make it a point to have everybody involved, as much as possible. Questions are developed for kids and youth to answer and we are often amazed at their responses--and their level of involvement! On Wednesday nights, we have a study/discussion (Bible-related books and biblical topics) in which everybody is invited to participate. 
Family Integration does not mean that we don't address individual concerns. We have groups for men, women, and youth. In addition, we have a nursery with well-trained hands and loving hearts to accommodate rambunctious little ones (age 2 and younger).